Fire & EMS PAK

Providing volunteer firefighter insurance coverage

Who is Provident?

  1. Provident Agency, a pioneer in providing volunteer firefighter insurance coverage, has over 80 years of experience and continues to take a leadership role in developing insurance benefits exclusively for volunteer firefighters and emergency medical responders. This program includes coverage for EMS professionals, EMTs, paramedics, and community volunteers.
  2. The Mike Keith Insurance Agency is the State Director for this product. A State Director is responsible for marketing the program statewide and for submitting all accounts to Provident. Once the account is written with Provident the Mike Keith Insurance Agency will work with the local agent on all claims and service work.
  3. The Mike Keith Insurance agency is proud to facilitate this program through local agents across the entire state of Missouri. We value the relationships we have worked hard to build with Missouri’s best and brightest agents. We are passionate about offering sound coverage and competitive pricing that agent’s can proudly present to their clients and prospects.

What accounts are eligible?

  1. Career and Volunteer Firefighters, Medical First Responders, and Community Volunteers.

What can Provident offer?

  • Total Disability due to Injury – weekly benefits payable LIFETIME!
  • Partial Disability due to Injury – weekly benefits payable up to age 67 or 5 years, whichever is greater
  • Total Disability due to Illness – weekly benefits payable up to age 67 or 5 years, whichever is greater
  • Full Heart Attack and Stroke Coverage without any disability requirements
  • Family Expense Benefits – Reimbursement for family members actual expenses while caring for the insured person.
  • No pre-existing conditions or prior-heart history exclusions
  • Retraining benefits
  • 2-Yr discounted rate guarantee
  • Very fast & courteous claims service
  • 24-Hr Accidental Death & Dismemberment Policy – Pays regardless of on or off-duty
  • Group Term Life Policy
    • 24-Hr Life Coverage with no medical questions or exams

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