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Being in business can be risky, but you don’t have to bear all the risk yourself.

Being in business can be risky, but you don’t have to bear all the risk yourself. That’s why hiring an experienced insurance firm should be a big part of your business plan. Our goal is to bring a consultative approach to our clients insurance buying process and assist in managing their cost through practical risk management practices.

While our firm has been successful helping protect a wide range of businesses, we have found our greatest success focusing on the classes listed below. This focused approach allows us to leverage our experience, knowledge, and carrier relationships to better serve our clients.

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Agribusiness is your way of life.  Whether you’re continuing the family tradition, or realized your love for agriculture and pursued a degree to chase your dreams, we understand and share your passion for this vital industry.  Decades of experience helping protect seed dealers, fertilizer dealers, grain elevators, and large scale producers from the unique risks in the ag industry is what we love to do.


You have a passion for building things and take tremendous pride in your craftsmanship.  You build beautiful homes, custom cabinetry and furniture, sprawling corporate suites, specialize at renovation work, landscaping, excavation and site prep, or install some of the most sophisticated HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems the world has ever seen. You do great work, but sometimes accidents happen.  That’s why you’ve hired a professional insurance firm who will help minimize your financial loss while working hard to put things back together as quickly as possible.

House of Worship

Your house of worship is a safe haven for your members.  A place of solace where they come to find peace, guidance while traveling lifes road, and a place where all members can come to share their lives with each other.  While its the people that make up your house of worship, the structure itself is a focal point and meeting place for all.  Your unique exposures ranging from historic preservation to protecting those who have stepped up as the churches governing body, make your insurance program more complex than you might think.  Our experience with various houses of worship, and non-profits of all sizes, makes us a great choice when selecting a professional insurance firm to help you protect the things that matter most to you.


Manufacturing and hard work built the United States, the best country the world has ever known.  Manufacturing is coming back to the United States because of our reliable utilities and infrastructure which means big opportunities for you and your company.  You have a significant investment in your buildings, machinery, sophisticated electrical systems, stores of raw materials, and finished products waiting to be sold. Partnering with a professional insurance firm that truly understands your industry is critical when maximizing profits will help you edge out competition and make you an industry leader.

Public Entities

Public Entities perform the essential services our communities need to improve the health, education, and quality of life for its citizens.  This means your entity likely performs numerous activities including; law enforcement, public utilities, parks and recreation, and maintaining public roads to name a few. It also means you need to be proficient in all areas to maximize effectiveness of taxpayer dollars.  Over the past 50 years we have worked hard to become the trusted advisor for hundreds of public entities throughout the State of Missouri.  Our experience, carrier relationships, dedicated team, and loyal clients will help ensure we are the preeminent insurance firm for Missouri’s public entities for the next 50+ years.

Professional Lines

Professional Liability traditionally referred to errors and omissions, or malpractice insurance, but can have broader meanings today.  Professional Liability could result from errors with your work, decisions made by your board of directors, or wrongful acts that affect your employees or third parties.  Knowing your exposures and purchasing adequate professional liability insurance can help protect the financial security of your company, public entity, or non profit organization.  Professional liability varies significantly between companies making it critical to hire the right insurance firm who will take time to fully research options to meet your needs.

Privacy Security

If you have a thriving business you are susceptible to privacy breach in spite of the numerous firewalls and redundancies you have built into your systems.  Knowing your risks, implementing preventative measures, and properly training your employees is a great way to minimize your vulnerabilities.  However, after a breach you will need to immediately hire networking professionals, handle notification requirements, pay fines,  penalties, and legal fees, absorb lost income, and hire a public relations firm to help preserve the good name you have worked so hard to build.  All this and you still have clients to serve, deadlines to meet, and a business to run.  Let us take some of the risk and burden off of you, and place it with a reputable insurance company who specializes in handling breach events.


Your trucking operation keeps America moving.  Whether you’re operating a fleet of tow trucks, running residential or commercial waste hauling routes, running a Redi-Mix concrete operation, hauling sand, gravel, rock, dirt, or any other non-hazardous materials, or operating a local and intermediate trucking operation, we have solutions for you.  As the marketplace for trucking insurance continues to evolve, we work hard to build relationships with our carrier partners to ensure options for you.  Being licensed in multiple states, and understanding necessary filing needs associated with your industry, we can help as you expand your operations.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers are often considered a business owners single greatest asset.  Protecting them from injury should be our number one goal.  When an injury does occur, knowing you’ve partnered with a work comp specialist who has tailored coverage to your needs, and who knows the claims process, will save you a lot of lost time and money in the long run.  Simple strategies like return to work programs, and understanding what impacts your experience modifier, will help you take the appropriate steps to minimize your loss and get your injured work back on the job.


Payment & Performance and Bid Bonds are a necessity to secure larger contracts.  While bonds aren’t insurance products, hiring an insurance firm who can act fast, and who understands your bonding needs, can help give you the competitive edge you need to win more jobs.

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