Covered for Every Stage of Life

The Mike Keith Agency is a full service professional insurance firm with product offerings for nearly every area of your business and personal life.  Our success and reputation are rooted deeply in our commitment to help you grow, seek financial security, and plan for your future.  Whether you have already accomplished life’s greatest goals, or are just starting your journey in life, work, or family, we have you Covered for Every Stage of Life!

Throughout life you will need trusted advisors who are willing to spend the time you need to understand life’s risks, and to help guide you through your journey.  Because of this, we welcome you to call, click, or stop by any one of our four convenient locations for a personalized discussion with one of our experienced, professional, friendly associates.

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It’s important to have an agent you can trust with your individual insurance

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Being in business can be risky, but you don’t have to bear all the risk yourself

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Providing employee benefits for groups and individuals for 40 years

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